Monday, August 1, 2016

'The Urban Hitchcock LP' has great rhymes, good music and risky business by Hay & Co.

The Urban Hitchcock LP by Jonathan Hay
Producer and publicist Jonathan Hay just got done dropping his deluxe collaboration album When Music Worlds Collide with King Tech and Mike Smith but four months ago and some change, he released his own debut compilation LP, The Urban Hitchcock LP, which also features a long list of remarkable emcees suitable to Hay’s style of commonly appealable, contemporary music productions. In other words, there's a lot in store here for fans of rap and of music in general.

The quality rappers take their turns spitting on struggle, love, pain, heartbreak and more. The chemistry between Hay and the vocalists has allowed a different softer side to be heard from historically hardcore rappers like Canibus and Planet Asia for example, but Urban Hitchcock is still very much a rap affair, and a good rap affair at that. The likeness of a lot of the rappers seems to have been put through a filter to go along with the artistically pop-friendly beats and that is only one of the (minor) complaints about this project. Make no mistakes though. This is mostly a fresh quality album.

The “Jerk” track in which Hay claims that producer Statik Selektah and Action "Bam Bam" Bronson may be more than friends is weird and pretty defamatory, maybe even slanderous. At this point, Hay should hope and pray that people forget about this little mistake of his sooner rather than later and that he doesn’t get isolated by the industry and culture as a result. Those two after all are major players and heavyweights in the game right now. Other than that, listeners of rap should get to know Hay. Urban Hitchcock has value.

3 out of 5 stars

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