Monday, August 1, 2016

Jonathan Hay and Mike Smith cause an artistic big bang 'When Music Worlds Collide'

When Music Worlds Collide by Jonathan Hay & Mike Smith
Production duo Jonathan Hay and Mike Smith with co-producing help from the legendary King Tech (of Sway and Tech) have a best kept secret on their hands that must not remain so because the project in question, their debut album together called When Music Worlds Collide, is an exceptionally pleasing marriage of authentic rap and super smooth music compositions that is an excellent new hip-hop creation. The regular edition of the LP actually came out last year in April, but the deluxe version just dropped on July 26 of this year via SMH Entertainment/Urban Hitchcock Music. Hip-hop heads rejoice.

It features such microphone luminaries as Royce Da 5’9’’, Kxng Crooked, Cyhi The Prince, Kool G Rap, Sadat X and several other new-to-rise emcees. Together they share their thoughts on the fruits of labor, the growth of hip-hop culture, sex and the disappointments of falling away from relationship love. Hay, Smith, Tech and also DJ Revolution in spots have built a set of music pieces that might be best described as a melodic mainstream blend of piano and drum sets, clean cool coffee house-like sounds and even some calm country rock mixed with scratching, bass and moving jazz drum-kit mixtures. This is an audio feast for music lovers and connoisseurs of involved rap lyrics.

There are almost no controversial, revolutionary thoughts or ideas in store though, save for Cyhi’s exhortation for continued intelligence in hip-hop, but the rich rap flows by all the incredible rappers here are inspiring and welcome advancement for the craft indeed. Some of the tracks draw themselves out into extended, tipsy, hopeless romantic confessionals, but it’s definitely a nice break from current trap sounds of relentless gangsta brutality and drug-moving. If you’re a heavy listening, diehard rap-addict, make room in your schedule for When Music Worlds Collide for sure, and make it the deluxe version if you have time.

3 out of 5 stars

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