Monday, August 1, 2016

Johnny Richter is chock full of positivity and emcee-spunk in 'School's Out: Still Laughing'

School's Out: Still Laughing by Johnny Richter
Former Kottonmouth Kings emcee Johnny Richter released his official sophomore LP, School’s Out: Still Laughing, on July 29 via Suburban Noize Records, and besides some unremarkable production and quite generic subject matter, Richter has kept his writing and rapping skills firm and even spreads positive messages urging us to be ourselves, make something out of life and get up and work for our keep.

He’s hellbent on grasping tightly to his fresh, smart, and strong new mindset and he’s very generous in sharing it with us, his fans and listeners. Now if only he would say some testy statements to cripple the current corrupt power structure around us. Oh well. What we have here is fine.

Positivity certainly is the name of Richter's game these days. Some of his rhymes though are of a basic, mid tempo nature, not to be overlooked because of his super optimistic attitude. The professional finish of the whole album is not as stunningly clear and crisp as the average major label issue, but the music gets across and touches the heart still. The fun-loving Richter can’t avoid coming off in tone as a hangout surfer type almost at times so his hard image takes a minor hit needless to say.

Overall though, School's Out: Still Laughing is a solid, respectable rap album with lessons that may feel doper to people of privilege than those in poorer circumstances who have less control over their destinies, but the lessons still apply to everyone. That being said, Johnny Richter’s helpful, universally relatable messages are still appreciable no matter who or where you are.

3 out of 5 stars

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