Saturday, August 13, 2016

Show Banga breaks his leg in 'ShowTime 2'

ShowTime 2 by Show Banga
San Franciscan hyphy-rapper Show Banga, who has been making a name for himself in the Bay since around 2011, did enough last year to stick in memories with his lacking yet respectable Mayor 4 Life LP. Now he does it again, with the same lowbrow amplitude as before but with much less innovation in ShowTime 2 (Aug. 12, HomeTeam/Mo Betta/Empire).
The album is a score if all you want is undeveloped adolescent chanting, gallivanting and hooting on the fun party life and things of that nature. It’s a real bummer however if you’re looking to hear something decidedly smart come out of Show’s mouth. In no way low on anthemic show choruses or kitschy local catchwords and phrases, ShowTime 2 may not be violent or dangerously crime-ridden, but it’s desperately in need of a dignified air and attitude.
As far as representing the Bay and keeping true to hyphy, this is ok, but overall it’s simply a lot of pep and very little substance, superficial with low quality lyrical content. Not only that, it has the intelligence level of the recent Kid Ink in fact – low. Within the area of hyphy, one could go into an exhaustive unnecessary analysis-slash-critique of this somehow, but the effort would be for naught. Everything done on these records vocally could reasonably be delivered by anyone with a trained set of vocal cords, not just a skilled talented emcee.
1 out of 5 stars

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