Friday, October 28, 2016

Jeezy chooses between bad and really bad in 'Trap or Die 3'

Trap or Die 3 by Jeezy
A cruel winter has arrived early for the snowman of Atlanta Jeezy, who returns to the album scene once again with his ninth LP, Trap or Die 3, the second sequel of the mixtape series he started in 2005. This fall release comes during an appropriate season because the one CTE frontman and gangster rap hanger-on has fallen off miserably with the project. TD3 sees the once attention-commanding rapper drop very hard from his past influential heights in hip-hop due to its brainless superficiality and glorified criminality. Thank Def Jam Records but also Jeezy’s newly branded YJ Music, which might lead fans to ask, why didn’t he stick with Corporate Thugz Entertainment this time around? Jeez!
Jeezy has absolutely nothing important to rap about here besides his usual lobotomized goon-speak in chanted, anthemic form. He remains dedicated to his love for foreigns in his intro (“In The Air”), shouting out coups, Bentleys, Murcielagos, Lambos and Cutlasses and doesn’t forget to throw his pistol in the glovebox. As you could assume, Trap or Die 3 is trapped out to the max, so much so that there is literally no room for any material of substance. It’s littered with hoots and hollers, devoid of any well-made lyricism, on money, jewelry, cloths, sex and plenty of bitter and resentful remarks of vitriol aimed at Jeezy haters that remain nameless here and will forever more because they’re all in his head. People hate the propaganda lines he promotes and the reckless lifestyle he encourages, not necessarily him.
Trap or Die 3 is simply an awful offering from Jeezy and his producers D. Rich, Shawty Redd and the rest. Musically, he has hit rock bottom in what might be the lowest point in his career if time will tell, and he has just about offed himself with this piddle. Guests Yo Gotti, Bankroll Fresh, French Montana, Plies, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown likewise bring next to nothing to the table. It’s a complete waste of time and extremely hard to endure if you have any sense whatsoever. Don’t believe the major lie Jeezy tells in his outro “Never Settle” that he doesn’t mess with industry types because they suck up and such. He does work with them, he is one of them and unless hell freezes over or something as drastic and unlikely occurs going forward, he won’t change his ways. That you can believe.
1 out of 5 stars

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