Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Watsky goes out on some limbs without upsetting anyone in 'x Infinity'

x Infinity by Watsky
Well regarded slam poet and rapper Watsky (George Watsky) from San Francisco cannot be denied for his ability to alter his vocals, twist his tongue and excite with his mouthpiece. His rhymes are always on point, each one fitting in perfectly with the one before, and if he’s not rapping on topic, then you can find him making fun of and poking holes through various worldly phenomena. His wild yet reassuring new escapade of an album entitled x Infinity (Aug. 19, Steel Wool/Empire) is both wily Watsky at heart and cosmopolitan in nature, able to generate interest in just about anyone, exuberantly produced and vocalized impressively and breathtakingly, Watsky’s specialty of course.
Throughout all the records, the Bay born poet/rapper uses a host of vocal techniques and delivery methods for a rollercoaster ride of mouth-audio. Watsky punches, hurdles and stabs through with his words. He lifts, lowers, punctuates and pauses himself so that the lyricism is a sensational extravaganza of a listen by itself. Creating a perfect backdrop, the profuse pronounced productions that Watsky makes a playground out of with his voice are guided by captain Kush Mody of the beat-making crew and serve as a very nice compliment to the lyrics, as Watsky speaks on subjects a plenty and hefty ones too, from cultural segregation and the lack of communal unity to experimentation in sex all the way to end of life issues and questions, even touching on Paris terrorism and gun violence as well.
Common folk will find a kindred spirit in Watsky here, but his spectacular sound-off strategies are far from casual, usual or ordinary. As it is his fourth studio album to date, he is making a sturdy case that he is one of hip-hop’s great vocalists and word-players in this early part of the century. He could not have done it alone though. Danny McClain, Julia Nunes, Chaos Chaos, Mal Devisa and a powerhouse passel of poets and emcees in the bonus finale “Exquisite Corpse” all make x Infinity very memorable. Watsky does dip into challenging thought and ideology, albeit without really putting his ass out on the line so the risk-taking is given a spark if not a roasting. When all is said and done though, this album does have the good stuff of fortitude to live on times infinity for sure.
4 out of 5 stars

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