Tuesday, August 23, 2016

French Montana's label obligations stop 'MC4' from becoming a renegade affair

MC4 by French Montana
Yes French Montana’s sophomore album MC4 hasn’t officially dropped yet, but since the leak is now out, thanks to those Target stores that didn’t take note of the new Oct 14 pushback date and offered it for sale on Friday August 19, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to wait the extra one month and a half to review it. The French Montana team claims that the extra time is necessary to get all samples cleared, but realistically there shouldn’t be any or many great changes to the album in its current form once the middle of October rolls around so let’s dig in.
Like his 2013 Excuse My French debut, MC4 or Mac & Cheese 4, lacks in some major areas, namely the intelligence and the rhyming. The album is another fabulous example of great production wasted on mediocre vocals, plain and simple. It’s Epic Records and Sony’s way of pulling us in and distracting us from its vast deficit of message value. Much of the music behind the vocals is sometimes beautiful and flowing actually, making lovely use of samples, new sounds and the producers’ seasoned skills, but French is just uninspiring in his raps, employing regressive, degrading gangsterism and street-ism, quite a bit that is outdated too in fact. We are treated to respectable contributions from Kanye, Nas, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss and Styles P, but very few else will open your mind in positive progressive new ways.
In cooperating with Epic and Sony and giving in to market formulas for making commercial main-current rap, the Moroccan Coke Boy icon has placed massive financial reward higher on his list of priorities than the integrity and dignity that come with crafting substantial wordplay of deep meaning and usefulness. Obviously, he failed to heed the valid criticisms leveled on him from his first LP and now he is suffering because of it. Let it be crystal clear that MC4 is a disappointment. French should maybe just stick to mixtapes. Those seem to be what got him the most recognition. What is certain is the major label life is not treating him well.
2 out of 5 stars

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