Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tonedeff comes back to us again after a lengthy dry spell with 'Polymer,' his second long play

Polymer by Tonedeff
It took super fast emcee, singer, producer and all around artist Tonedeff (Pedro Rojas, Jr.) from Newport News, Virginia eleven years to release his sophomore LP, but the wait was worth it, for the most part.  He was actually building up to this moment with a string of EPs dropped annually over the last few years, but now we have the whole enchilada that is Polymer (July 8, QN5 Music).  Versatile when he’s rapping or singing, Tonedeff on this project lives up to his name as a rapid-fire rhyme reciter on the mic, but it actually hurts him a little here.  His light speed vocals and blankety crooning tend to blur his verbally given lessons, and he’s got plenty of good ones so let’s recap.  At the start, he admits to feelings of alienation in a substance-lacking, so called hip-hop arena of late as he reviews his small yet respected place in the industry, but he risks sounding slightly jealous of some other mega-popular hip-hop artists.  He shouldn’t.  He’s better than a lot of them.  “Moments” makes good use of time and encourages you to as well, “Glutton” criticizes taking things in excess and “Five Sisters” is the story of five sisters taking after their flawed mothers and releasing their attitudes into the world.  The production is busy, almost cluttered, with thick dense sound-mixing and chirpy electronic beat sounds occasionally.  It’s sonically hard, intense, hectic and irked, giving an acidy rock type vibe for the most part.  A handful of Polymer‘s tracks are not even rap songs.  Still, we get another alternative accomplishment from Tonedeff here with more good wise concept cuts.  Polymer only touches the excellent Archetype debut from the man instead of vying with it for which is better.  The former is by a sizable margin.  For all you super dedicated hip-hop heads out there though, check this one out for sure.
3 out of 5 stars

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