Sunday, July 17, 2016

'No Hard Feelings' is more an album by Interscope Records than one by Dreezy

No Hard Feelings by Dreezy
Chicago singer/rapper Dreezy (Seandrea Sledge) is Interscope Records' newest treasure, and they've utilized her to her greatest capacity on No Hard Feelings, her debut LP with the label.  Singing as much as rapping, Dreezy and her advisers have stocked N.H.F. with some of the toughness found on the young lady's late 2015 EP, From Now On, but also some kinder gentler tones and notes.

She of course touches on womanly independence, the importance of making her own cash and rejecting disappointing men, but she's also in search of love and making herself as appealing as possible to prospective boyfriends.  This balance of feelings about relationships and income is convincing and believable because taken on the whole, Dreezy is not too one-sided, hardheaded or stubborn.  She explores and vents on her emotions like anyone, female or male, would.

On the other hand, she is also far too stereotypical for a femcee/singer, presenting herself exactly identical to the industry model so she is rendered a product line for Interscope here instead of a unique voice or personality of her own.  And with less than memorable beats and sellable, market-compatible guests Gucci Mane, Jeremih, Wale and T-Pain fitting the bill, No Hard Feelings is an all too typical product that is ok as an r&b/hip-hop album yet missing quite a bit from a strictly rap perspective.  It certainly leaves a lot to be desired by the most hardcore of hip-hop heads.

2 out of 5 stars

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