Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blu and Nottz make a standard sequel to their first EP with 'Titans In The Flesh'

Titans in the Flesh EP by Blu & Nottz
This is hard, although not in the way the music sounds but in having to say that Los Angeles emcee Blu and Norfolk Soul Council producer Nottz's second collaboration EP Titans in the Flesh is not simply good and that's it.  One loquacious lyricist (Blu) joining forces with a craft-conscious beat miner (Nottz) will almost always produce at least decent results, but there seems to be no urgent point to this EP except for these two guys to get together again with some features tossed in.  They might as well have just each saved their efforts for their own full length LPs.  Nottz hasn't made a grand compilation-style one with several folks since 2010's You Need This Music, and Blu has no earth-quaking pronouncements to share in this set so why rush to generate buzz for only a small teaser of more bars with beats that won't push any wigs back (in the mentally edifying sense).  If you're going to make something like this that's also as short as it is, you should at least record a good number of alarming, ultra-rebellious, under-reported truths that will have people going crazy.  There's virtually none of that here.  Guests Bishop Lamont, Torae, Skyzoo, Definite Mass, Tri-State, Mickey Factz and others also bring the tough raps but also without any of that good hip-hop "controversy" (controversy as it's called by civilians and non-truth livers).  Blu gets on a carpe diem bent in "Heaven on Earth" and gratefulness in "Atlantis," but that's about as lush as this T.I.T. Flesh gets.  Overall and sad to say, the EP, while solid enough, is not necessarily worth the time to hunt down and put on much replay, despite what the first Blu/Nottz joint EP Gods In The Spirit did and because it already happened.

2 out of 5 stars

(Titans In The Flesh drops July 15 via Coalmine Records)

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