Friday, July 29, 2016

'Block Wars' is clear indication that The Game needs better subject matter

Block Wars by The Game
Always at work, gangsta Game (Jayceon Taylor), Blood rapper from Compton, will release Block Wars, his second album of the year, on Friday July 29 via eOne Music.  The EP-sized project is the soundtrack to his new mobile app and video game of the same title.  While it gives off a big shocking sound and impression, all it does unfortunately is put to use overinflated, overblown gangsta rap stereotypes.
True to its name and album art, Block Wars paints scenes of relentless despicable ghetto violence to almost battlefield type proportions, and it literally doesn’t do anything else but that.  It’s harmful to herald this as a great modern day addition to rap, and it would be absurdly boring if not for the noticeable deliberation in Game’s songwriting and the adept producing by beatmaker Bongo and the rest; the topics, however, are simply same old, same old.
They say you shouldn’t judge anything by its cover, but in this case you can.  Block Wars is just some shoot-’em-up, gangland style records of Game’s ferociously acerbic tongue lapping up the rackety rachety drill beats knocking away in the back.  It’s obvious that The Game’s game-plan needs a conceptual, thematic restructuring and a real smart human touch.
2 out of 5 stars

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